SEO Tips for Beginners

If you are new in business, I believe you may have heard about SEO. This is one of the primary marketing tools business owners use to market their services and products online. The fantastic thing about SEO is that it fits both new business owners and those in the business world for a while.

So, if you want to drive traffic, create brand awareness and even generate sales as a new business owner, here are tips that you can use to employ SEO in running your business.

Keywords should match with your content.

The keywords to your website are what the audience check when searching for services and products online. Therefore, for the audience to stick to your website and even want to come back for more products or information, make sure that the keyword you put out there matches your content. If your website is about manual treadmills, ensure the keyword states that the page is about manual treadmills.

Use short descriptive URL

You need to consider this if you want to get a high ranking on search engines like Google. The URL details you use and how you word it helps the search engines determine your rank on the front page. So, the better the URL is, the higher ranking you will receive and vice versa. Include a few of your keywords, and they should be short and understandable on the first read.

Use backlinks

Since you are new in the business, you need a little boost from well-established companies or brands to bring in awareness of your existence, which is where backlinks come in. You can coordinate with a reputable website related to your business and ask them to link your page to theirs such that if an audience clicks on your address, they will be directed to your page.

Make your page accessible

Anyone who clicks on your page to view or purchase should not have a hard time. Also, make your websites accessible using a smartphone.


These are the top best tips that every new online business owners need to learn about. Ensure the content on your page is excellent and keep on updating it to keep your audience entertained.